Plaster . Paint . Drywall


Owner Mark Drake has over 15 years of experience as a Master Plasterer.  He specializes in plastering and has experience with many techniques for historical plaster re-creation and restoration utilizing traditional and contemporary methods.  Plaster is a higher-end finish and more durable product, therefor we recommend it to our clients.

Drake Construction offers interior and exterior plastering on commercial and residential projects for new construction and remodels.  As a skilled trade, we have a special crew that completes all of our plastering projects.



Color can change the overall feel and environment of your home or business.  It allows you to illustrate various finishes and highlight distinct features.

Drake Construction offers interior and exterior painting services and can complete your project  through quality artisanship and precision skills.  There are many eco-friendly and specialty paints available to make your project last, and we will help you choose a quality paint that is right for your project and your budget.


Drywall is a common finish in most homes and commercial interiors throughout this area. It is a cost effective alternative for interior wall finishing systems. There are many differences between plaster and mud and tape (drywall), therefor we have specialized crews to complete these projects.