Craftsman Restoration

Drake Construction completed restoration work for a beautiful craftsman home and was awarded a Remodelors of Distinction Award for Historical Renovation.

The American craftsman style was extremely popular in the early 1900s.  This house was built in 1917 and contains many of the characteristic architectural features of the time period.  Exposed rafters, gables, columns, and braces were in need of repair and paint.   Some of the wood braces were severely weathered and damaged.  Pieces of the woodwork and complete braces were recreated to have an exact match to the original historic design.

Common to the craftsman design style, are low pitched roofs and large covered porches.  This homes corner, front porch pier, had sunk a total of 10 inches over time.  Eventually the pier started to fall forward, pulling the porch and roof away from the house.  Our company utilized jacks to lift the roof of the porch, allowing for us to carefully remove the brick pier supporting the wood column and roof.  A new concrete base was poured, the brick pier was rebuilt with original bricks, and then the roof was lowered back down.